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I'm dancing to the rhythm of Boris Brechja, at the Hamburg port. A fun session, but felt too short. I now find myself in Hamburg's main train station with my friend Marvin, with a clear plan; get back to Hannover via Bremen, where we'll have to wait one hour for the connecting train. In Bremen already, we decide to go directly to the gate where our train will pick us up. We walk specifically to the end of the platform because Marvin needs to smoke a cigarette. Almost there and I see a girl putting on a worn-out, slightly dirty, white teddy jacket while looking at the ground. She lifts up her head and locks her eyes with mine as if she knew I was looking. This is happening while I walk and lasts roughly two seconds.

Her look whispers:

“You won’t remember me as a love story.”

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 16.54.12.png



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